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How to use the Etsy Tag Generator

  1. Search for a keyword
    Enter a keyword in the search bar as you would when shopping on Etsy, then click search.
  2. Wait for tags to load
    The tool generates a comprehensive list of tags related to your keyword, each accompanied by details on competition and search volume. All this data will take a few seconds to load.
  3. Analyze the tags
    The competition score shows how many listings are competing for a tag on Etsy, with lower scores being preferable. Search volume reflects the frequency of buyers searching for that tag, where higher numbers are advantageous. While aiming for tags marked in green is recommended for optimal performance, don't hesitate to select red tags if they accurately describe your product.
  4. Copy and paste tags
    Each tag comes with a checkbox. Select the tags that best fit your listing and observe as the 'Copy & Paste' textbox on the right fills up. After you've made your selections, click the 'Copy Tags' button. This will copy all the selected tags to your clipboard, ready to be pasted directly into your Etsy listing.